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Stock Full Lace Wigs/Pre plucked
    Indian remy hair wigs
    Indian virgin hair wigs
    Malaysian virgin hair wigs
    Chinese remy hair wigs
    Mongolian virgin hair wigs
    Russian virgin hair wigs
    Chinese virgin hair wigs
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    New style curly
    Brazilian hair wigs
    Long hair wig
    New style full lace wig
    Glueless full lace wig
    U shape full lace wigs
    360 lace wigs
Stock Lace Front Wigs/Pre plucked
    lace front wig and back
    mono wig
    Glueless lace front wig
    2.5"Lace front wig
    3"Lace front wig
    5"Lace front wig
    3/4 Lace wigs
    U shape lace front wigs
360 lace wigs
Celebrity Lace Wigs/Pre Plucked
Lace Frontal and Closure/Pre Plucked
    Lace Frontal
    Top Closure
Cuticle Human Hair Extension/Weave
    Prebonded Hair Extensions
    Clip on Extension
    Bulk Extension
    Machine wefts
    Hand-tied Weft
    Hair 27PCS
    Tape hair extensions
    Micro ring weft
    Micro loop hair extensions
    flip in hair extension
Mongolian hair Jewish Wigs
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Synthetic Lace Wigs
    All machine weft wig
    synthetic lace front wig
Hair Accessories/tools
Stock Men Toupee/hair piece
    Men's toupee
    New style base toupees
Make Custom Order
Eyelash and Eyebrow
    single eyelash
    strip eyelash
    Individual eyelash
    mink eyelash
    rainbow eyelash
    Seberian mink eyelash
    Feather eyelashes
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List of Our Clearance Wigs ,weft and Closure [2015-7-6]
tape weft in stocks [2013-7-3]
All Items In Stock [2013-5-18]
Hairbeauty New stock list [2013-2-6]
special wig-29 18" T1B#/4# summer new style [2012-3-7]
special wig-24 20" 33# kinky stright [2012-3-7]
special wig-23 14" 1B#/30# curly [2012-3-7]
special wig-22 18" 27# DW [2012-3-7]
special wig-21 18 near 4# natural wave [2012-3-7]
special wig-20 18" 99J# stright [2012-3-6]
special wigs-27 14 romance curl [2012-3-7]
special wigs-26 8" 1b front 5"lace seky wave [2012-3-5]
special wigs-25 20"4# BW [2012-3-5]
special wig-38 16" front 4# celebrity curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-37 18" 1B#/30# celebrity curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-36 20" front T2#/30# back1B# celebrity curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-35 18" T2#/4#/27# celebrity curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-34 18" 2# wb-004 curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-33 18" 1B# beyonce full lace wig [2012-3-3]
special wig-32 8" 27# new style curl [2012-3-3]
special wig-31 12" 22#/613# silky straight hair [2012-3-2]
special wig-30 20" 1B# new style curl [2012-3-2]
clearance wig list [2012-2-24]
special wig-19 16" Jewish wig orange color straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-18 14" 1b#color 20mm curl [2012-2-22]
special wig-17 24" chinese hair natural color wave [2012-2-22]
special wig-16 18" 530# color curl [2012-2-22]
special wig-15 16" 1b# yalanda texture [2012-2-22]
special wig-14 14" 2# sexy wave [2012-2-22]
special wig-13 16" T 1b#/27# straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-12 18" chinese hair 17#and 27A# piano color straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-11 16" Jewish wig with 6#mixed 8# color straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-10 18" chinese hair 99J color straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig -9 20" 30# mixed 33# straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-8 18" chinese hair front 27# back 17# straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig-7 16" Jewish wig Ginger color straight hair [2012-2-22]
special wig -4 18" 2# curly [2012-2-22]
special wig-3 18" 1b# straight hair [2012-2-22]
sepcial wig-2 16" 9#mixed 5# highlight 8# color wave [2012-2-22]
sepcial wig-1 16" 2# mixed 27# straight hair [2012-2-22]
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